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Motorcycle gear guide for beginners

Riding a bike is an exciting experience, but it can be very dangerous especially for beginners. After getting a license, one of the first tasks that a new rider should put into consideration is gearing up which ranges from helmets to gloves and jackets. However, selecting the best kits can be a daunting task for newbies and therefore they need to be guided on available accessories in the market and its importance.

Why you need quality gear

The main aim of the motorcycle riding gear is to ensure that the rider is protected in the unlikely event of accidents and exposure to other hazards such as heat, cold, and dust. It is therefore essential to pick the right and good quality kits as this will increase your safety and overall enjoyment. Also they protect you during a crash, provide comfort, shield you from the cold and also makes one look cool.

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What accessories to buy and making the best choice

The motorcycle helmet is one of the most important accessories that you have to wear before going for a ride because it protects one of the most important body parts. Ensure that the helmet is certified by the Snell Foundation or by DOT. Another important thing to consider is the leather jacket and pants which protect the body on the chest, elbows and back. Go for big brands such as Yamaha and Olympia which offers an extensive range of motorbike coats with the quality focus on performance and protection. Other important accessories that you should not forget include leather gloves, boots, and sunglasses. All these should be as comfortable as possible to the rider, and it is therefore also important to consider purchasing them from a recognized dealer such as Yamaha who will offer you the best qualities to choose from.

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Buying quality products is not an option for anyone, therefore in case you can’t afford great accessories; keep the bike until you afford all the necessary gears.