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How safe is riding a bike

Everyone will comfortably agree that motorcycle riding is cool and fun but also, it is riskier than car riding in a car. Also, researchers argue that a biker crash is approximately 30 times more fatal than that of a motorist and thus conclude that riding a bike is not safe. However, many people have traveled on their rides for many years without any accidents, but their safety comes with following all the safety practices of cycling. Remember, even as manufacturers come up with more technological solutions to make cars safer, there are fewer options for motorcycle manufacturers.

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Safety measures for all motorcyclists

To make sure that you remain safe and enjoy the ride, various proven ways keeps your riding experience free of any incidences. One of the most basic steps is to ensure that you gear up before getting on your motorbike no matter how hot it is. This involves wearing helmets, leather jackets, and pants, boots, and goggles which must all be approved by the relevant organizations. Also, ensure that the ride is right before hitting the road by inspecting things like lights, tire pressure, mirrors, and any other potential mechanical hazards. Once on the road, it is your responsibility to watch the way and pay attention to other users and be vigilant for unstable road conditions.

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Common causes of motorbike accidents

Even with all the precautions taken by riders before getting on the roads and use of safety gear, accidents still occur. Some of the most common and identified causes of motorcyclist accidents include negligence, over speeding, lack of visibility and pushing the limitations e.g. long distance driving. Other factors include bad weather, drinking and driving and inattention.

It is true that motorbikes are considered dangerous, but this doesn’t have to be. It only takes the development of skills and some awareness for you to be safe.