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Get the best motorcycle intercom system that suits you and your friends’ needs. Improve in this way your experience on the two wheels and share the most intense feelings in real time with your fellows. Whether you explore the city or some breath taking landscapes, a suitable intercom will help you make the most of your experience.

How to choose the best motorcycle intercom for you

SCALA RIDER TeamSet Dual Helmet Intercom


Motorcycle rides bring more adventure to your life. The experience is even more pleasant if you share it with someone equally passionate about them, in which case you will need a motorcycle intercom system. Any system will work but it is true that there are some criteria you should keep in mind, in case you aim to get the best one for you and your partner.

Tips & tricks to help you choose the best motorcycle intercom

SCALA RIDER G4 Powerset Multi Bike Intercom


Nowadays there are various brands that sell motorbike intercom systems so you can easily choose the ones that fit your budget without compromising on quality. This narrows your search but the options still remain diverse. At this point it is essential to search for products that are waterproof to enjoy your ride even when is raining. Additionally, look for systems that have voice activation and noise reduction options available. These basic capabilities help you manage the system easier, allowing you and your friend or escort, who shares the same hobby, to hear each other when you speed up.

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For extra comfort continue to narrow your search by selecting those products with integrated radio tuner. A ride next to an escort from EROS is delightful anyway because this beautiful lady passionate about adventure entertains you. However, some nice music boosts even more the adrenaline you both feel while racing. In case the intercom meeting all these requirements is heavy make sure it can be mounted on your bikes. If this is light, it is handier to have it mounted on your helmets. The tempting escort from https://www.eros.com/ accompanying you would probably prefer the lighter one.

Which is the best motorcycle intercom for you?

As shown above, there are several tips to consider in your attempt to get the best motorbike intercom. Nonetheless, the type of connection is the final stage of your research. The options you have are wired or wireless connections. The first category ensures the privacy of your discussions with your fellow biker or your escort while the second one can be sometimes interfered on some radio frequencies. On another side, those loving two wheels rides claim that wired connections are difficult to handle. If you are not decided, ask some escorts opinion on this as most of them probably own one already.

When you search an intercom system think about your needs. The one appropriate for you might not be suitable for someone else so always have in mind your own standards. Now that you managed to choose the best intercom system, try it with some escorts passionate about riding. These appealing girls know the best rails to ride on motorcycle. They are known as women who like to hang out with men in exquisite places and extravagant holidays. The time spent with the astonishing escorts is like a dream turn into reality.